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Fractured Land
A charismatic First Nation Chief in British Columbia takes on the oil- and gas industry and comes of age. CBC. Directors: Fiona Rayner and Damien Gillis. (2014)

Lost and Found
Objects swept into the ocean by the tsunami in Japan are washed up on the beaches on the Pacific West Coast and gives beach combers meaning in life. Directors: Nicolina Lanni and John Choi. (2014)

Shadow Girl
A Chilean filmmaker loses her eyesight and needs to redefine her life. Director: Anna Maria Larrain. (2014)

Buying Sex
Documentary on the legalization or banning of the sex-trade in three countries. NFB. Directors: Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason.
Hot Docs (2013)


The story of the actress Babz Chula battling advanced stages of cancer. Director: Ann Wheeler. NFB Pacific Studio. Hot Docs (2013)

Spring and Arnaud
Two artists and the life they share. Director: Marcia Connelly and Katherine Knight. Hot Docs (2013)

Occupy Love
Velcrow Ripper’s final part of his trilogy. Audience Favourite ‘Planet in Focus’ (2013)

A Sorry State
Documentary by Mitch Miyagawa for TVO on the True meaning of government issued apologies. (2011)

Kids in Jail
NFB documentary by Larry Lynn on children who kill. (2011)

Fierce Light
Velcrow Ripper's theatrical documentary on finding spirituality in places of darkness (2008)

That's my Time
Adamm Liley's portrait of comedian Irwin Barker living with terminal cancer (2008)

Meghna Haldar's feature length documentary on the social history of dirt NFB Vancouver (2007)

Scared Sacred
Velcrow Ripper's theatrical documentary spiritual search for places of darkness (2005)

Nettie Wild's feature length documentary about drugs and resistance on Vancouver's East Side for theatrical release (2002)

story consulting

Tim Wilson's portrait of Stephen Jenkinson of the palliative care counsellor at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital (2008)