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Satan Lives

Satan Lives takes a close look at faith, fear, and our enduring cultural obsession with the devil. Silly and humourous depictions of Satan are common, but the dark figure is taken a lot more seriously in this documentary — he is, after all, the ultimate metaphor for evil.


The Polar Sea

Co-director on a 10-part series on the effects of climate change in Canada's North, for ARTE and TV Ontario.
Producers: Michael and Kevin McMahon

2010 - 2012
The Photograph
One hour documentary on a Grey Cup winning football team decimated by World War II. For TSN, produced by Infieldfly Productions.

Chez Soi
Series of 10 web documentaries for the NFB on a social experiment to house those with mental health problems.

2007 - 2008
Dark Tourism
Vérité documentary on the phenomenon of tourists seeking out places of conflict and fear. History Television

Diamond Road
3x one-hour HD documentary series on the global diamond industry. Discovery Times & DISCOVERY HD, ARTE, ZDF, NHK, Australian and French TV (Co-director)

2004 - 2006
Hitler's Children: Germany in Autumn 1977
Historical documentary on the Baader-Meinhof group, an urban guerilla movement that challenged West German democracy. History Television

Feature-length personal essay documentary on history, memory and fatherhood. History Television

2003 - 2004
The Siege
Historical documentary on the 1999 siege of a UN compound in East Timor. History Television

The Life of Me
Vérité documentary following the workshop of a play for the "Madness in the Arts Festival" featuring actors with mental illness. TVO

Historical documentary about the fin-de-siecle Vienna of Sigmund Freud and Adolf Hitler. History Television

Death of a Warrior
Documentary about the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel "Rainbow Warrior". History Television