writer / editor
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Before the Last Curtain Falls
Theatrical documentary on experimental theatre performed by aging gay and transsexual actors (credited as dramaturgy). Director: Thomas Wallner.
HotDocs Special Jury Award Best Canadian Documentary
Theatrical Release in Europe. Festivals in Munich and others.

Guantanamo Trap

Co-writer & Editor on theatrical feature documentary about four people's lives that connected through the War on Terror.
Co-Writer/Director: Thomas Wallner
Hot Docs 2011, Special Jury Prize

"Simply an intelligent, serious documentary on the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay and the institutional foreign-policy mess that it is. A film which seems far more insightful and broadminded than the foreign- and military-policy makers whose actions it examines".  Guy Dixon, Globe & Mail

"The Guantanamo Trap is a vital addition to a growing catalogue of documentaries emerging from the War on Terror, highlighting four interconnected biographies that reveal the impact of gross injustice. This provocative study of humanity and democracy, and how easily they’re corrupted under pressure, is a testament to the times".  Alex Rogalski, HotDocs Programmer

“...a dry, methodical approach lays out the story clearly and without any unnecessary posturing". Norman Willner, NOW Magazine

"This Canadian-Swiss-German co-production forces us to see the U.S. military prison in Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay from a fresh angle—by focusing on four individuals who do not fit the profile of the usual suspects. This is not an agit prop documentary, and none of these characters fit convenient moral stereotypes". Brian D. Johnson, McLean's Magazine

Writer and Director
A television documentary on mind control and the future of brain privacy and the conflict that will define our century and challenge our deeply held notions of free will and moral responsibility: modern neuroscience.
With Mater-of-Fact Media, NFB, Knowledge Network and European broadcasters TBA.

1997 - 1999
Out of Orbit
Biography of Marshall McLuhan. CBC 'Life and Times.'
Director: Carl Bessai (Co-writer/editor)

1985 - 1996
A Place called Chiapas
Feature length documentary about the Zapatista uprising in Mexico. Theatrical release in North America and Europe.
Director: Nettie Wild (Editor/co-writer)