The one-hour travelogue takes the viewer to three continents to visit popular tourist destinations with a twist. All are places of human suffering and death in the 20th century. The film's audience itself becomes a dark tourist, observing and hearing the voices of former victims or perpetrators who are now their tour guides. This film is an exploration into the darkness of the human soul.

Talking Pictures Festival, Evanston, Illinois
Invited to the 2008 Doc Festival in Guangzhou, China

Nominated for a 2010 Golden Sheaf Award, political documentaries, Yorkton
Screening at the Conference on Thanatourism, New York University,
April 2010

"'Dark Tourism' is made for thoughtful fans of non-fiction. This sober meta-travelogue makes you wonder if the documentary genre itself is guilty of the same voyeurism as the gawking tourists. It's an irresistible, if repellent sight." Bill Staments, Chicago Sun

"A fascinating examination of the phenomenon revealing that there is a good deal of confusion and conflict." John Doyle, Globe & Mail

"Dark Tourism raises some unsettling questions. Have people already forgotten their history? It's a worthwhile, and unsettling, question."
Rick McInnis, Metro News

"Manfred Becker's eerie, thought-provoking documentary is a morality tale..."
Montreal Gazette

"Hot Box - TV worth talking about" Toronto Star

"One of three to see." Alex Strachan, Financial Post

"Welcome to the Dark side!" Lisa-Marie Brennan, TV guide