'How is terrorism defined? And just who gets to define it?' are the questions posed in this film that documents the events around the bombing of the Greenpeace ship, the 'Rainbow Warrior' by French government agents.

2003 Director's Guild Award Nominee
Best of Festival at World Film Fest, Houston
Talking Pictures Film Festival, Taos New Mexico
BASC finalist, Australia
Rhode Island Film Festival

"A crisply made, clear-eyed look at a tale full of intrigue and courage... gripping, full of suspense and hidden surprises...remarkable...paced like a thriller. Proves that a well-made documentary can trump all other forms of visual storytelling. A must see." Alex Strachan, National Post

"An excellent documentary. In Becker's well-crafted program all the twists and turns of the murky events are made clear." John Doyle, Globe & Mail

"Film tracks the thriller-like hunt for the saboteurs, the diplomatic skullduggery and the bitter-sweet outcome of the case."
Olivia Ward, Toronto Star

"In the vein of a true-crime detective story, unraveling the mystery"
Taos Talking Pictures Festival

"Saga unfolds like a pulp spy novel, a fine recap of the investigation. The film makes one uneasy in a post-9/11 world. Required viewing."
Andrew Ryan, Globe & Mail