A decade ago, Rachel Manning and George Vukojevic were successful actors, until mental illness paralyzed their careers. For the 2003 Madness in the Arts festival at Toronto's Harbourfront, they develop a play about living with mental illness. This verite documentary follows Rachel and George as they try to make their comeback, both on and off stage.

Festival Screenings in Canada, Brazil and Great Britain

" A gripping documentary...director Manfred Becker has the knack of allowing his subjects to speak for amazing piece that passes no judgment and draws no conclusions...more powerful, engaging and unsettling as any fiction can be." Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

"Raw and haunting...simply amazing...emotionally unsettling...ultimately heartbreaking." John Doyle, Globe & Mail

"Intimate and challenging" Henrietta Walmark, Broadcast Week

"At times it is almost impossible to believe that these rehearsals will ever result in a positive outcome in the documentary." Network Magazine