This 10-part series takes viewers on a journey through the fabled, beautiful - and melting - Northwest Passage.  We travel with amateur sailors, scientists, hunters and artists on a quest from Iceland to Alaska that was nearly impossible just a decade ago.  Now, as the Arctic ice disappears, a surreal terrain emerges, filled with ominous dangers and seductive possibilities.

Filmed from dozens of perspectives, including revolutionary 360 degree cameras, "The Polar Sea" takes you deep into a world that has never been seen until now.

"The Polar Sea — a 10-part TV series beginning Monday on TVO — is a thrilling epic that takes us on a magical 10,000-kilometre mystery tour through the legendary Northwest Passage. Hugely entertaining and mind-bogglingly educational at the same time, it instantly stands as one of the landmarks in the long and rich history of Canadian documentary filmmaking." 

Martin Knelman, Toronto Star.