In 1999, Indonesian armed forces and their militias went on a killing rampage through the island of East Timor in South East Asia, murdering over one thousand civilians and forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. From a besieged UN compound, Colin Stewart, a former diplomat from Ottawa, defies machete-wielding militias and the world's ignorance and plans to abandon the compound with 2,000 refugees inside.

2005 Directors Guild of Canada Awards nominee
Chris Award, Columbus
Gold Camera Award, US Film & Video Festival

"Becker has a eye for personal detail and an ear for the way people talk and think. Exceedingly well made...a living, breathing record...paced like a thriller, the result is both sobering and thought-provoking filmmaking that puts most dramatized re-creations to shame...a relentless drive that puts viewers right inside. Surprisingly clear-headed and objective."  
Alex Strachan, National Post

"Deftly paced and dramatic without overdoing either the heroism or the horror, a fine insight into what happened in a part of the world that was failed by journalism and the world's most powerful countries."
John Doyle, Globe and Mail

"This is one of TV's surprises...amazing...a major work."
Jim Bawden, Starweek

"The one to catch!" Toronto Star

"Dramatic, with powerful lessons for today's conflicts."
Ann Marie McQueen, Ottawa Citizen